Matthew Hayden AM has been a great mate of Find Ya Feet since our inception. Not only is he one of Australia's best ever with the cricket bat, he is a man who has the ability to go past the "How are ya?"  And tell you  how he really is.  Here is Matthew Hayden AM talking Find Ya Feet and what that means to him...

Find Ya Feet is a not for profit organisation that delivers workshops to fellas young and old in unlocking and owning story.  We also provide funding for young people through our Find Ya Feet fella project, education scholarships through our Black Cockatoo program, as well as providing lifesaving defibrillators to mens groups across Australia thanks to our partnership with former Ironman legend Guy Leech and Heart 180.


We criss cross this great land in a red land rover defender choosing to camp with the dirt under our backs instead of the cotton sheets of a lonely hotel room.  Each year Find Ya Feet clocks up over 30,000 kilometres delivering workshops Australia wide.  Our content covers everything from what it means to be a fella and the power of telling ya story to ya mates for the first time.  We look at where we've been and where we are going as well as how we sell ourselves and what we hide behind. 


Puttin it simply, in just under 2 hours our workshops  add a truckload of tools to a blokes belt for when they need that helping hand to start the conversation that ultimately saves lives. We do that by championing vulnerability, role modelling speaking up, and showing a real man puts up his hand for help when he needs it. Our workshops transform the bloke who thinks it's weak to speak into the champion who knows we go from zero to hero simply by tellin' and owning our story!  


"Rebooting, reconfiguring, unlocking potential- all words I would use to describe what I saw Tommy do in the workshop today" School Principal, Gold Coast


"I loved the sense of trust I was able to build with my schoolmates thanks to Tommy. He had an energy around him that was relatable and likeable at the same time" Year 10 fella, Melbourne


"It helped me realise that me mates are goin' through some heavy stuff. Gave me a heap of ideas on how to yarn with em in the machinery shed or down at the pub" Grazier, Far Western NSW


"For the first time in my life I feel free to be the man I need to be" Grazier, young fella, Far Western Queensland


"I am going to go home tonight to have a conversation with my son.  It's one I have never had with him. One that'll let him know how much I love him, how proud I am of him. One that'll give him a heap more insight into my childhood" Older fella, Brisbane