The old head noise

Sometimes the old loaf of bread can fill itself with so many voices you’d swear the local choir mob has parked right between ya listeners. I’ve got pews and all for my choir!! An absolute champion spoke of it only yesterday. ‘I get the noise in my head’ he said. Telling me I’m no good at this and that, I’ve convinced myself I’m dumb. He talked from the ticker on all of it to the fellas, he even threw the GPS mark on where it comes from back in the day and how he reckons he can change the direction of it. From the back of the room a fella from west of the range says, ‘any chance there’s a voice in ya head that says you are a leader who is incredibly self aware, courageous, brave, and honest for talking today? Cause I think there should be’. The boy with the noise  suddenly smiled, looked down at the floor, up at the roof, before saying ‘thank you’.  2 weeks, 23 workshops, over 500 young fellas gettin honest. Find Your Feet is proud to be walking alongside the Band of Brothers @thesouthportschool