School Based Workshops


Find Ya Feet run school based workshops with students year 6-12.  Each workshop is designed for a specific year level.  We have four workshops that can be run over a term, a semester, or over four years.  We are happy to guide you on sequencing the workshops but also understand and appreciate each school has a different approach.  Our content covers topics such as owning our story, challenging what it means to be a fella, looking at where we've been, where we are at, and where we are goin', and what its like to stand 'in someone else's shoes'. In 2 hours we add a truckload of tools to a blokes belt for when they need that helping hand to start the conversation that ultimately saves lives. We do that by championing vulnerability, role modelling speakin up, and showing a real man puts up his hand for help. This workshop transforms the bloke who thinks it's weak to speak into the champion who knows we go from zero to hero simply by tellin' and owning our story!  

Black Cockatoo Scholarship


Find Ya Feet’s black cockatoo scholarship is in honour of our great Bastien Madrill. This scholarship doesn’t ask of a young person to master music, arts, academia, or sport. It comes from the will of a young man who wants more, wants to better himself, wants to become that man he knows he can be. A young person who wants to master themselves, and simply be a better person. Our first recipient is a young man called Harper Henderson-Feldman. A young man who leads with strength and respect. Harper understands there will be tough times ahead and acknowledges it’s those tough times that will make him the man he knows he can be. Harper is our first ever Black Cockatoo scholarship holder

Find Ya Feet Frontrunners


Front runners! Champions who lead, put themselves out there and set the bar. These young legends are wanting that opportunity to break out of the red dirt and burst into the tree they know they can be. We embrace their desire to succeed by offering them the tools to do just that. Two days mustering and marking lambs in western NSW soaking up all that is good about rural Australia. Sitting round the fire, working in the stock yard, hats off at the table, learning all those lessons rural Australia is known for teaching. These young fellas are then given the opportunity to seek courses/training/education that will further their personal development. They become  great mates of Find Ya Feet, using their skills out in the community, always encouraging other young men to be the best possible version of themselves.